Pre-transaction negotiation advantages

Investors know well that the reality of an acquisition target does not always match what is presented even in later meetings. Numbers can be massaged, distribution and prospects exaggerated and even the past of the current CEO may be hidden or altered to fit investor expections.

Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDD) works to bring the facts to light for the advantage of the investor. This will aid negotiation tactics.

An example of this was a recent case that revealed elaborate side-payment arrangements to the family of a business owner. This went beyond simply "tax avoidance," but approached an complete breach of ethics with regard to how the company was presented to the potential investor.

Our work not only exposed this, but also exposed significant savings that could be reverted to profit/cash flow benefits once these side contracts were eliminated.

We have also repeated seen such situations with regard to falsified permits, employment histories, environmental tests and even building construction histories. Such issues do not have to kill a deal, but instead can aid you in achieving the same results at a cheaper price.

It should also be said that not only regions, but nations, districts and even small towns often conceal opaque legal issues, worrying politics, unethical dealings and, in worst-case scenarios, outright scams. Our consultants, investigators and detectives will adapt to your goals and knowledge of an investment target to conduct discreet checks to identify any and all of the above in order to protect your money from the outset. We work through OSINT and HUMINT checks and analysis to identify compliance and corruption risks, conflict of interest relationships and company affiliations, as well as political risk. Additionally, if necessary we can conduct spot-check or deep financial audits, double-check permits and even conduct full environmental testing.

Who we are...

Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) is the go-to risk intelligence and corporate detective agency focused on Central Europe and the CIS countries. With key consulting professionals, investigators and detectives throughout the region, CDDI is not only positioned, but it has the experience and reach to offer a wide range of litigation support and investigative needs, ranging from crisis litigation research to pre-transaction due diligence to more specified services such as surveillance, asset trace work, site security audits and investigations and sting operations.

In addition, through the founder's more than 25 years of experience in the region, a wide range of PR services (ranging from crisis consultation to editing, design, media campaign review and graphic support) can and has been applied in cases ranging from real estate funds and hedge funds to private equity funds and major manufacturers.

Our strategy

As not only a risk consultancy, but a licensed detective agency, CDDI goes beyond typical consultancy services in that needs ranging from pre-transaction to litigation support to asset searches can be and are conducted thoroughly and within the confines of the law. This not only guarantees court admissibility, but it also ensures that your firm does not fall prey to the trappings of Foreign Corrupt Practice Act or British Anti-Bribery infractions, as could be the case when using typical consultancies, which are often unlicensed even in their own respective countries--and which rely on subcontractors that they conveniently do not control. Key to our activities is continued access to legal expertise not only in the CEE but in the CIS countries, which paradoxically offers unique flexibility and a realistic approach to your specific scenarios or situations.

Regional - and global - presence

The CDDI network is not simply a network, but family. This extends throughout the region, but goes further to enable on-demand approaches beyond the CEE and CIS region to that of the Middle East and Africa. That said, each client and each potential client whether these located in a CEE core country or in a less (or more) regulated location is treated on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure that we will in fact not only deliver, but over deliver. This commitment to full and discreet service is what we believe separates us from our competitors on any given mandate.