Full 'bug' scanning

The CDDI team conducts full contra-surveillance screen operations based on the square-metrage of your business site. Surveillance risks in Central Europe unfortunately are a real threat, with evidence of this having appeared far too often in the press in the context of business-meets-politics scandals that have not only brought down governments, but destroyed careers and even large firms.

This has been further evidenced during contra-surveillance scans where our teams have uncovered a variety of traditional or 'high-tech'  listening devices at a rate of approximately 10-15 percent.

It should be stated that full-premises scans are not typically needed. Recommended are the following:

  • Office scans for key management.
  • Vehicle scans, as key conversations are often registered through listening devices placed in executive transport.
  • Mobile phone and land-line scans for taps.
  • 'Best-practice' scans and checks with regard to IT centers and workplace regulations. This is often needed in situations where private accessing of the internet through mobile devices can allow hackers deeper access to networks/institutional servers (banks, insurers, IT companies, etc.).
  • Contra-surveillance/basic cyber-security training with regard to electronic communications, best-practice.
  • Tailored solutions to communications that ensure end-to-end encryption and anonymity.

We also offer cyber-security consulting/solutions and training. Please query for more information.