Investor support

While this may ring as controversial, the CEE, CIS and SEE regions are littered with the remains of failed investments typically caused by a lack of research and/or vetting of partners, employees, sectors and political and legal risk.

At Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) we work to make you aware of such risks that have only grown with a sharp increase in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prosecutions, a dramatic increase in local anti-corruption prosecutions and sharp changes in national and local political environments, especially in CEE and SEE. Combine this with a dramatic upsurge in organized-crime activity, especially in sectors vulnerable to counterfeiting and VAT carousel scams (not to mention new, draconian VAT cheat laws), and unfortunately, there is reason to worry.

What separates CDDI from many consultancies is we will tell you the truth even if it costs us future business. Those who know us will affirm that we have cost ourselves projects even during the scoping phase by pointing out what are clearly insurmountable risks to an investment. To put this more clearly, we do not produce reports so that you as an investor will invest and then return to us for future services. We produce reports to tell you the facts in order that you make objective, smart decisions with regard to where to place your money.

Such an angle may not be unique, but we take this approach as a matter honor and ethics, which we believe is unfortunately rare in the industry. True, this may cost us money, but it has never cost us a client.