Acquisition targeting

Currently, Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation (CDDI) spends up to half of its resources and time working for various funds and investors through a wide-ranging, complex approach to acquisition targeting. The CDDI network is wide and decades of experience on the ground mean that off-grid targets often appear in our domain.

A typical target often involves a successful manufacturer from the '1990s era' who has significant market share, but poor execution and management techniques. Often such an owner has lived hard, made money but is morally and physically exhausted from  living the life of the 'ethically challenged.' Just as often his sons or family are not prepared or interested in maintaining the business after his retirement.

Such opportunities are not only off-grid, but often involve difficult negotiations and time investment simply to obtain full access to the information that investors need. We work to simplify this process while strictly representing the potential investor and which allows the investor to enter negotiations without having been indirectly co-opted during the feeling-out process, which itself can become highly involved.

It should also be said that through our partners, we are also involved in both acquisition targeting and branch expansion in the United States. Please feel free to call to arrange an appointment for more details.