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When it comes to queries the first question we typically receive is: How much does it cost?

As the needs of each client vary, please contact us through the template provided on the contact page. In the interest of efficiency, we follow a three-step procedure:

  • Please supply information with regard to your query to the fullest extent possible. We are happy to supply a standard non-disclosure agreement at this point. Please remember that the more information supplied to us, the better we can isolate your needs, limit expenses and satisfy your needs.
  • At this point we will undertake a very limited and discreet intelligence exercise in order to determine feasibility and cost.
  • We will then reply with a quote, and relevant contract to be signed, which will allow us the mandate to begin work.
  • At any point in this process, please feel free to contact us directly for clarification purposes.

We can be contacted at the following:

Tel: (48) 22 586 30 10

Tel: (+48) 606 703 607

Mail: query@CDDI.eu

Administration queries:


Tel: (48) 22 586 30 10

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Tel: (+48) 606 703 607
Tel: (+48) 22 586 30 10
Mail: query@CDDI.eu