Our detectives and site security experts offer full site checks ranging from production focused internal procedures, monitoring, visitor control and access, storage access and employee security standards checks to wider local and regional crime and political risk checks. Key to the success of such audits are the following:

  • CDDI teams have decades of law enforcement experience and are site-security experts.
  • A typical audit (primarily geared to the manufacturing sector) usually requires two to three days on the ground and grades and advises on physical security arrangements, camera placement and management, weaknesses with regard to product diversion, and specified areas such as employee management, contract analysis and pre-legal guidance advisory may be included on demand.
  • This is part of a forty-point security check program that guarantees that key risks, ranging from theft to product diversion to employee risk will not be overlooked.
  • Additionally, such audits may be tied in to environmental due diligence checks and in our experience this should often be the case.
  • The CDDI team is highly experienced in on site investigation in support of formal legal investigations and official liaison work with local prosecutors.