In Central Europe?surveillance? has often been misused by detective services, state authorities and just about everyone in between. In contrast, our surveillance and investigation teams have had extraordinary success both in obtaining admissible evidence and successfully presenting such evidence to court.

Surveillance is typically used in the following situations:

  • To establish the activities ofemployees during supposed sick leave.
  • To establish the activities ofindividuals or former employees that may be feigning long-term disabilities dueto insurance or sickness during insurance claim litigation.
  • To establish conflict-of-interestscenarios carried out by dishonest employees or management.
  • To determine product diversionschemes or to establish the sale of counterfeit goods.
  • To determine fact or fiction duringmarital infidelity cases.
  • To establish behavior patterns andgather evidence during child custody battles.

Please note that as a licensed detective agency, we guarantee processes and operations that remain within the letter of the law. Here it is also important to note that each jurisdiction has its quirks, and it is important to use an experienced agency that both understands the law and the necessity of protecting the client at all times.