Cybersecurity and your firm

Cybersecurity issues are rampant in most companies. Either due to an attack or perceived imminent threat, clients wish to increase the level of security in their company or for their personal needs. In such a scenario, the following actions are performed.

  1. Consultation with the IT department of the company to gain information how IT infrastructure works in company, including the security policy, the internal network and connection to Internet services.
  2. An environmental interview with the company's employees in order to establish threat level and dangerous behavior related to the use of computers, including interviews and the introduction of socio-threat prevention.
  3. Verification and analysis (penetration test) of the security level of a client's computers and servers (along with services like: e-mail server, vpn, networks, etc.).
  4. Analysis stage. This includes:

            A. Analysis of client computers (penetration test)
            B. Server analysis (penetration test)
            C. Internal / external network analysis (penetration test)
            D. Interview with the IT department
            E. Interviews with employees

5. Realization stage. This includes the realization of the report in terms of:

A. Software / hardware vulnerabilities observed – Solutions
B. Training for employees: Safety / Sociotechnics
C. Training for IT department

Please note that such examples are only basic scenarios, and that each incident or threat is dealt with on an individual basis in order to provide maximum security and closure for the client.